Well, over the years I had no good solution to clamp all the round parts (slider, stanchions, cartridges etc.) fork have for disassembling or assembling. Sometimes I won against a problem, sometimes I lost  part.
There are some very difficult cases like unscrewing the XC400 (and similar older forks from the XC Series) top screw units or unmounting the seals from a  Bombers slider, where you need a strong and suitable clamp. 

Another good example is a Bombers cartridge, if you want to unscrew the threadened head of a cardrige as I did it here. You seriouly can’t unscrew it without having such a tool, you will destroy the cartridge for sure! Here is a picture from such a condition using a Z1 rebound cartridge and a 8mm jaw set: 

In most of this cases you can find a tricky suitable solution in your toolbox, using pieces of wood (drill holes in it, saw it etc.), wrap in cloth/plastik etc. pp. But from time to time for sure you will brake something.

I was happy to find this parts by accident and ordered a set in a minute as my Xmas present 😉
I can tell you that this tools do the trick very well and as I use them almost in a daily matter I’m very happy to own them. Look at the pictures, you will nuderstand what I mean. The 2 basic parts are magnetic and hold themselfes in a vise. 

And for sure: I will break less things during my work using this tools …!

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