O.k., here we are:

Update: I managed to get this into production (milling) starting today. Hopefully I’ll receive the first one this week!

We made some falls-backs because of the price:
– the smaller radii will be made manual by file
– there might be some marks from milling, buyer needs to grind and polish himself
– no screws provided (might be change in future, don’t know yet)
– estimated price for Retro Bike Users (up to now 😉 will be 39€ + shipping
– shipping will be 6€ (international letter – registered)
– please PM me for Paypal details + your address

Tis is the thread @ RetroBike.

This is a private STORE — All products are REAL and can be ordered. If you have problems please report to me using mail. THANKS!! Ausblenden

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