Another sad story about bad customer behaviour. I’m always very sorry about this happenings, I don’t like it and for sure we don’t need such stupid things. 
Sorry to say but one out of 100 customers wasting my effords and time in an unrepectless way nobody can understand.

I’m about to reach 1.000 sells @ Ebay in near future, my status shows my intention and the way I like to do it:

Customers are satisfied … except ONE 😉

What happend in short: I was asked to service a XC600, what I did as good as usual. After resending I got complains about extra services like cleaning the rest of his fork, complains about screws I send for free (one had been broken by customer and I was made responsible)  and opened a paypal case and asked me to pay 88€ back. Of course I will not do.

What happend in long: Stephan W. from Den Haag / NL asked me to service his titanium XC600 fork he bought for low. He claims himself a ‘professional bike mechanic’ making bike mechanic courses …. but in the end he wanted me to do the job.
Hm, a professional wants me to service such a simple fork? Hm, but o.k., I have nothing to hide, my service is unique and I like to do it best, so: no problem….. But read on and wonder yourself later …

We exchanged a lot of mails, I answered a lot of questions, we made a deal and as usual I’m asking this from my customers to send me in the fork legs:
“[…] I need only the legs of the suspension fork, please pack it oil- and shock resistent! […]”  (my proofed Mail from 26.05.2019)

He send me the hole fork, so I had to do some extra effords to dismount the screws, which I found under a sheet of mud (I would never send in such a fork to a service not I drive my car into the mechanic garage without driving through a car washing service!!). But o.k., easy going for me.
I dissassembeld the fork legs and inspected the parts carefully. The suspension legs had been in bad condition (not as bad as this one  😉 – but this is somehow I always expected after opening around 500 forks or more (?) during the last 15 years. And that’s my job: Make it running again :-).

Here are the pics about the service – I made some more than usual, it was an extra service for free he asked for to make some pictures during service which he wants to show in bike mechanics courses.  

Here is what I had done to save the life of his fork and mailed back to customer after package has been posted:


this service was not as usual, because some idiot tried to press in non-Marzocchi seals with wrong parameters with a lot of force – check the old seals.

Also the fork was in bad condition, because of less oil and water inside. This happens often, most common use is that the owner did not service the fork for many years. There was a lot of oil mud in the bottom, this happens when the seals are broken. Water usualy indicates, that suspended micro parts are inside fork.

Anyway, this is what I did:
– I exchanged the stanchions against used ones
– I assembled new air caps because the old ones have been also corroded
– I cleaned the inside and espacialy washed the valved several times to
– I changed all seals – all old ones are included

I added screws and new sticker to it. Clean the fork legs carefully, loose silicon reiniger or something suitable to clean the surface of the legs and make them

Package comes with Hermes, I took it to the office this morning.

Pics attached as wanted.

I received a nice answer, so job been done …. so I thought …

You are a boss!! thank you very much!
I think a am glad I have send it to you looking at that mess and the wrong seals etc.
Looking forward to build it it into the Kona.”


Now the funny part: 

After the fork arrived at customer side I received this mail:

Received the package yesterday, must say I am a bit disapointed..
The fork was not assembled and not all parts where cleaned. For this kind of money I do expect a completely rebuilt fork back like agreed.
Then there was the next problem, the bolts included are very bad quality, even though I used a torque wrench on of them snapped of…
Now I have to remove a broken off piece from the fork-crown and get a new set of bolts (stainless steel, like it should be!)
I think you understand that I want part of my money back!”


O.k., someone complaining about a lot of nonsens and wants his money back because of peanuts.

Now it is me to be realy dissapointed and wondering about all this shameless and repectless complainments, I just make my points and facts and do not copy more mails.

For the files – I commented all the statements:

Customer wrote: … The fork was not assembled …
My answer: Yes. Sure! This is the way I’m doing it and it there is a reason to do it. All customers, professionals and others agree to it and like to do it. They than first mount the steerer into the fork crown, mount the steerer+fork crown to the frame and and than add the fork legs and brake booster to the fork with carfully adjusting (it is not a rigid fork).

Customer wrote: … not all parts where cleaned. … For this kind of money I do expect a completely rebuilt fork back like agreed.
My answer: Yes. Sure!!! I’m not your washing mum and I hope your mom does is in the same way with your dishes and clothes and you are doing it yourself!
Read above, I asked for the fork legs only. 
AND: this is not a christmas concert where you can whish a programm. You paid for a service a pair of XC600 fork legs, nothing else! 

Customer wrote: …  money I do expect a completely rebuilt fork back …
My answer: Read above, I asked for the fork legs only!

Customer wrote: Then there was the next problem, the bolts included are very bad quality, …
My answer: Whou, Mr. ‘professional bike mechanic’. I send you a free set of new screws in M5 20×5, quality 8.8., galvanized as a gift. Use it or leave it, but don’t complain about.

Well done ….

Customer wrote: “…even though I used a torque wrench on of them snapped of…”
My answer: Yes sure … ‘Mr. professional bike mechanic’ … Let me sum up: I took the corroded stucking screws out of you 20 year old muddy old fork without a problem in a minute and you are not able to screw a new screw in a cleanedthread hole? Are you serious???? 
Use the correct torque for this screw (9 Nm) and it will work like a sharm! (for the files: I’m sure his next problem is a cracked crown …).
To be honest: This screws are from 1000er packages, there had been none fail since now. Even if a screw has a production error, I can’t help – SORRY. It is than a simple accident which can happen. Don’t blame me for this and stop crying like a baby!!

Customer wrote: “…Now I have to remove a broken off piece from the fork-crown …”
Yes. Sure you have! I guess you made a fooly mistake. Pay for it yourself and don’t blame me. But that for sure is not that big deal for a ‘Mr. professional bike mechanics’ … I’m sure you fix it fast. Don’t blame me for something you did.

Customer wrote: “… get a new set of bolts  …”
My Answer: Yes, you have torn off a screw, buy yourself a new one. 

Customer wrote: “… (stainless steel, like it should be!) …”
My answer: No, you are wrong! Look at the original ones (I send them back to you). The original Marzocchi ones are black, not galvanized and NOT made out of stainless steal! So your statement like it should be! is wrong! 
Original screws or replacements? Thats’ something we can talk about. To be honest: Using galvanized screws is a compromis by me, as the original screws are rosting in a second (screws made from titan would be more better because of microcorrosion, but not affordable).
Anyway, scrrews are not part of the deal nor sticker or anything else except the seals and parts in the fork legs. If you want to make yourself a present and want V2 or V4 screws or even some made out of titan just buy it yourself.

O.k., unfortunately the customer created a Paypal case, added some other lies about me being unprofessional, service took too long etc. pp. to make the thing bigger that it is and asked for 88€ (!!) refund (that’s more than the half), without respect for my work.
Remember: Because of some cleaning and a screw he has torn. LOL! Of course I disagreed.

I’m always open for customer requests and always open to discuss, if something is not as it should be. N-O P-R-O-B-L-E-M A-T A-L-L!.
I don’t know how many services I made during the 15 years including complete rebuild of forks but this a unacceptable, irreverent insolence. 

I hope Paypal will understand this case! I did nothing wrong and but saved this fork by a service I was payed for. And I did it is as I like it: The fork can now be used again for years!

Unfortunately we have such dishonourably fellow citizens and this pseudo ‘Mr. professional bike mechanics’ among us and we have to live with it …

@All others: Anyway: have a nice Bike day!