Marzocchi XC500 fork blue (full rebuild) (100%)


This the deal: I have collected several blue XC500 in my boxes, all of them are used ones and I already have dissassembled them all for better inspection.
If you buy one, I will take the most best parts I currently have and rebuild the fork from scratch using original Marzocchi seals, oil, new stickers, screws and a steerer of your choice.
++ This is a service which you never will get again on this world! ++

This fork comes with a 1 1/8″ or 1 1/4″ crown, which means you can also use a 1″ steerer in it by using a aluminium shim!

If you want to check fork details or fork dimensions please consult the manual section here or drop me a note. 


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Please allow 7-14 days for rebuilding depending on work load.
Shipping takes 2 days in GER using DHL, but might take longer in EU and wold wide. Usualy we can send you the tracking ID to track the parcel yourself. 

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