Marzocchi Outer Dust Seal 26mm (original) XC600/XC700/XCR/DH3 (Set)


Original Marzocchi Dust Seal Art.-No. 533248; this seal is sold out completly worldwide.

Status 20171217: I’m reproducing this seals (and hopefully others) with the help of a well know producer which creates seals for all automotive companies around the world.. This week (51/2017) I received my 1st 10 samples of the new production and so far they are from best quality! My order will be processed now! 😉

I’m open to Bike shop requests for special offers.

Relevant Marzocchi Models using 26mm seals.: XC600, XC700, XCR, DH3, Nitro, EGS and branded forks aká Kästler HDB 01 a.o.

Included in:

  • Service Kit XCR / DH3 1996 850565/C / Art. LARM 16.5133 (full 26mm Kit) 
  • a.o.

Nicht vorrätig

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Set = 2 Pieces




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