Spare Parts Set Marzocchi Bomber’s Z1 / Z2 (+BAM)

19,99  17,99 

This Kit is primarily dedicated to the older Bombers starting in 1997, mainly Z1 and Z2. If this does not fit your needs, feel free to ask and let’s compare the requirements for your fork.

It includes Spare Parts for this Bomber forks (and may be others too) :

  • Z1 (1997)
  • Z2 (1997)
  • Z1 BAM (1999)
  • Z2 BAM (1999)
  • …?

16 in stock (can be backordered)

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This Kit includes the following Spare Parts (please compare to the Exploded Diagrams & Part Lists for Z1 and Z2 ) :

  • No. 1 – Safety ring (2x) – (will be produced in Vietnam, expected 31.05.2021, pre-order possible)
  • No. 3 – Allen Bolt (2x) – (Nut inside the Knobs) mine is made out of Stainless Steel!
  • No. 4 – Stop Ring (2x) – (to fix the Cartridge on top of Part No. 5 – Plug) – mine is made out of Stainless Steel!
  • No. 6 – O-Ring Top Plug (2x)
  • No. 10 – Top O-Ring Cartridge (2x)
  • No. 21 – O-Ring Foot Nut (2x)
  • No. 25 – (4x) Allen Hex Screws with flat Key Head to mount the Arch (24) on the sliders (19, 20)
  • No. 27 – (2x) Allen Hex Screws to mount the Canti Hanger (26) on the Arch (24)
  • No. 32 – (4x) Allen Hex Screws to fix the Stanchions (19, 20) in the Fork Crown (33)
  • No. 32 – (2x) Allen Hex Screws to fix the Steerer in the Crown – boltened Crown Version only
  • Stop O-Ring for Stanchion (1x) – to see how much compression has taken place on the fork legs (llok at the 6th picture to understand)

Status 20210423 : I will add other parts to this set later :

  • Canti Sockets made of stainless steel – may be, don’t know yet
  • shrink tubing (2x) – for the springs, to eliminate noises during compression on the stanchions




Please allow 7-14 days for rebuilding depending on work load. Sometimes I need more time depending on current family needs 😉
Usualy shipping takes 2 days in GER using DHL, but might take longer in EU and world wide (Hermes / DHL).
I prefer always to send by tracked parcels because of insurance. Stickers will be send by 'Deutsche Post international registered letter'.

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