Marzocchi Small Repair Kit 24mm XC500 / XC400 / XC50/51 / XC300 / XC200 / XC150 / Star Fork / PF1 etc. (Part No. 200)

69,99  49,99 

This Seal Kit consists out of : 2 Dust- & 2 Oil-Seals, original ones OR 1:1 remastered ones from 100% quality! 

It will fit in ALL Marzocchi Models using 24mm Stanchion tubes :
StarFork, MX1, PF1, XC100, XC200, XC250, XC50, XC51, XC50H, XC300, XC400, XC500 and branded forks aká Kästle HDB 01, Fuchs Sport, Scott Xtrashocks, GT (MX100) a.o.

The other Seal Kits Pictures are for References only.

All my sold XC SEAL-KIT’s will include an extra XC SCREW-SET for FREE

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Marzocchi 24mm Kit
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This is a set equal to the original Marzocchi Art.-No. 8501557/C. 

This seals are also included in the following original Marzocchi Seal Kits:

  • Marzocchi part no. 200 in all the 24mm parts list and exploded diagrams
  • Service Kit Marzocchi Art.-No. 8501557/C ‘Kit Oil Seals’ D.24 (–> Picture)
  • Repair Kit  XC500 a.o. Marzocchi Art.-Nr. 850515/C (–> Picture)
  • Repair Kit XC51 Marzocchi Art. No. 16.5115 LARM Nr. 361682 (–> Picture)
  • Repair Kit XC400 / XC50/51 LARM No. 16.510.5
  • Repair Kit ?? LARM No. 16.501.4
  • Repair Kit 24mm Kit Marzocchi Art. No. 8501557/C
  • Repair Kit 24mm Kit Marzocchi Art. No. 8501557/P
  • etc.

When mounting the seals put crease between the inner lips of the seals before pushing the stanchions in!

Break-in Period
“Some forks may require 5-10 hours of use before the fork fully breaks-in. After the bushings, seals, and other parts have matched to each other, the fork will move smoother. The tight tolerances make the fork last longer and work better.” (original text from Marzocchi Bomber Technical Information (2000) )

[20210911] Siro from Trieste, Italy  – Fork : Marzocchi Z3 1997
Product sold : 30mm Bomber ‘classic’ Seal kit
Buongiorno, i pezzi per la bicicletta sono arrivati e le caramelle per me anche!!!
Buone le caramelle e anche i paraolio e para polvere, fantastici!!
Voi sapere quanto olio devo mettere dentro alle forcelle? (Marzocchi Z3 del 97)
Grazie. Un saluto da Trieste.

[20210903] Ralf from Nürnberg, Germany – Fork : Marzocchi Z3
Product sold : Full Fork Service Z3

Hallo Marcus, 
die Gabel ist angekommen und ich bin begeistert! Vielen Dank auch für die zusätzlichen Dichtringe und die Gummibärchen!!!
Wie kann ich die Dämpfung etwas weicher einstellen und welche Funktion haben eigentlich die Einstellschrauben jeweils auf den Standrohren?
Beste Grüße, 

This Seal Kit is compatible with the following Marzocchi 24mm Forks :

    • Marzocchi StarFork
    • Marzocchi MX1 (1991)
    • Marzocchi PF1 (1991)
    • Marzocchi TT10 (1991)
    • Marzocchi XC100 (1991)
    • Marzocchi XC200 (1991)
    • Marzocchi XC250
    • Marzocchi XC50
    • Marzocchi XC51 (1993)
    • Marzocchi XC50H
    • Marzocchi XC300 (1991)
    • Marzocchi XC400 (1994)
    • Marzocchi XC500 (1993+)
    • and branded forks aká :
      • Kästle HDB 01 (XC500)
      • Fuchs Sport (XC500)
      • Scott Xtrashocks
      • GT (MX100) a.o.

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