Marzocchi Fork Full Rebuilder Kit – DIY SET!! (all forks!)


If you think about it, please ask and we talk about details!!

This kit includes a full set of parts to assemble a complete and original Marzocchi XC400 (blue or silver) or other (please ask first!!) yourself, including stanchion tubes, tubes, fork crown, seals (ORIGINAL, NEW!!), oil seal tool (remastertered), air cap puller tool (remastered), brake booster, stickers (remastered), screws, all rings & clips, oil, manual and a steerer of you choice!!

All you need is some time, a suitable MTB 26″ frame, some normal tools like an allen key and lock ring pliers 😉


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Something very special & unique to put under the Xmas tree and you will not be able to buy on this world in that way!