Fork Oil for Service a XC Fork (alternative to Marzocchi’s SAE 20)


I have been asked to add little amounts of oil just to do a service in my shop as I always have larger quantities on stock and mechanics don’t want to by to much oil they don’t need for years.

What I send you is my ‘House-Oil’ which I choosed out by fluid/thickness comparisions with some bottles of original Marzocchi oil (original Marzocchi item 52.51), which I got by accident some years ago.

Just give me some time to find a suitable case to ship it and measure the quantities for the different forks.

This oil is suitable for all Marzocchi’s having a adjustable valve to adjust the damping: DH3, XCR, XC700, XC600, XC500 and others. Amount is about 100 ml.

+++ Sorry, not available due national and international laws! +++


Out of stock


Notice: Servicing the correct amount of oil in a Marzocchi fork is done my measuring the oil level, please compare to the manual.

If you are a light weight-rider (<=60kg) drop me note before I ship.


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