Bomber (90’s) Canti-Hanger (my own Reproduction 2018)


Can be ordered now! SOLD OUT, SORRY!

The original Marzocchi Bomber canti hanger is made out of aluminium produced by casting.

Unfortunately casting is very exensive for low number production, so we rebuild the canti hanger by milling it out of a aluminium 7075 block.

Please have a look at the product picture, left is the original casted one, right is our milled reproduction master piece.

20180324: We have finished the prototype and will start reproduction now!

20180216: 3D CAD model has be done in January using UG NX CAD-software! 
20170826: I’m trying to rebuild this parts. I’d like to reach something under 50€/piece for break-even. 

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2 inbus screws included.

Material: A2
Tool: Inbus 2mm

Images from current production, last updated 20180401. 


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Gewicht 0.03 kg
Größe 5.7 × 3.5 × 4.0 cm


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