I’m looking for various things regarding my Marzocchi collection. If you can help, please send me a note!

  • Original user and service manuals: XC500 and others printed before 1994, e.g. StarFork and older XC manuals before XC500
  • Forks: XC500 (silver, purpurn/blue), XC700 red, DH3 red/green u.a.
  • Decals (all forks from the 90’s)
  • Fork crowns – most common Wechselschaftkronen for 24 mm (XC500 u.ä.) and 26mm (XC600/700/XCR/DH3)
  • Blue Seals
  • Schmutz Dichtungen 26mm (XC600/XC700/XCR/DH3)
  • Conic seal part no. 313 (XC600/XC700)
  • Parts lists, diagrams, drawaings 2D, exploded drawings (3D) for all forks – e.g. für Star Fork, MX100, XC150/400/50/51 u.a. (XC200, XC300, PF1)
  • Service boxes small/big für XC’ & Bomber



Coloured / anodised / eloxierte forks from Marzocchi from the 90’s, especialy DH3 (green & red) & XC700 (red)
Bomber Z1 & Z2, parts, …
Service boxes small / big for XC700 & DH3 and especialy Bombers
Forks or single parts
Fork crowns / Klemmbrücken all types
Stickers / Decals (we try to reprint)
Templates for / grafische Vorlagen für sticker (*.psd or other)
Infos about disc brake adapters and installations
Service Manuals


This is a private STORE — All products are REAL and can be ordered. If you have problems please report to me using mail. THANKS!! Ausblenden

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