By accident I was able to get a orignal Marzocchi Tool-Lit Case (XC500 / XC51) from 1994 with most of it’s tools included. Marzocchi article number is 60.10. I bought it because I always like to see the original tools Marzocchi has build in the past. 
The original pump was missing, but thats no problem as I have a box full of it 😉 

There was an original Instruction Manual for XC500/XC51 included, which I haven’t seen before.  

Will add some pictures later. 

Here is a gallery I created about Marzochi Tools: 

Edit 20200725 : I had the idea to create a list of the original Marzocch tools used for the older XC forks from the 90’s (all before the Bombers) and here it is – not completly finished, I will add the tools for the rear shocks also.


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