Failures, Causes and Remedies

This paragraph reports some troubles that may occur when using the fork. It also indicates possible causes and suggets a remedy. Always refer to this table before doing any repair work.

Fluid escapes throught the oil seal1. Oil seal is worn out
2. Stanchion tube is scored
3. Exceeding dirt on oils eal
1. Replace oil seal
2. Replace oil seal and stanchion tube
3. Replace oil seal
Preasure leakage1. Valve of inflating plug is loosened
2. Plug O-ring is damaged
1. Tighten plug or replace air valve
2. Replace O-ring and check that O-ring seat on the plug is in good conditions. Replace plug body
Fork has not been used for some time and tends to lock out during initial travelOil seal and dust seal tend to stick to stanchion tubeRaise dust seal and lubricate oil seal and dust seal with oil
Damping is no longer as steady as in the beginningExhausted oilChange oil
Fork bottom or top out too easily1. Preasure is too low
2. Low oil level
1. Check pressure
2. Refill oil
Even at low pressure, fork is too progressiveOil level is too highReduce oil level
Fork rebounds too fastDirt inside, valves do not close perfectlyClean carefully and replace oil


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