O.k., here we are: Parts overview of one of my services I did in the past and a look in one of two DH3 (green) boxes.

I have most of these dissassembled, because I need to inspect the inside first. A lot of them are corroded or are in bad conditions.

The DH3 is a great piece of shit I’d like to smoke all day but have not been spreaded around as e.g. the XC500 or XC600.
It has more travel and you can ride it with the older dics brakes using adapers; like the XC600, XC700 and XCR it has 6-times damper adjustment.

Have a look at the famous Sintesi bikes from 1995/1996 with mounted DH3’s in the gallery! I own two of this frames and they are still waiting for me for a rebuild (one with a red and one with a green back swing) … :-/

Have look at the gallery, especialy to the very great 3D explosion drawing of a green DH3. Great work!! Is it a 3D CAD rendering or a photoshop collage? I never found out who is the maker of this pic. Please tell me, if you know!! I would like to link the owner.




This is a private STORE — All products are REAL and can be ordered. If you have problems please report to me using mail. THANKS!! Ausblenden

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