Marzocchi Update on XC500 Crown!

Marzocchi Update on XC500 Crown!

What the internet and you Marzocchi maniacs probably don’t know is, that Marzocchi rebuild the XC500 crown from about 1994 in the XC600 design. I believe they did it because of a product improvements and they continued with the design in XC600, XC700, XCR and...
Marzocchi’s ZOKES

Marzocchi’s ZOKES

To be honest, I don’t know much about this forks. It is a elastomer fork with 24mm stanchions and Marzocchi buildt it around 1995/1996.  Travel: ZOKES 2/ZOKES-PRO: 52 mm (2 inches), ZOKES TREKKING: 42  mm (1.5 inches)  Weight : 1.400 – 1.500...
Using good tools you can do good work!!  ;-)

Using good tools you can do good work!! ;-)

Well, over the years I had no good solution to clamp all the round parts (slider, stanchions, cartridges etc.) fork have for disassembling or assembling. Sometimes I won against a problem, sometimes I lost  part. There are some very difficult cases like...
Get defect Bomber Screws done!

Get defect Bomber Screws done!

You all know, sometimes you get badly stuck, if a screw get’s teared off or the allen screw head turned round. Most common for classic Marzocchi Bombers are the 4 screws, which holds the brace (arch, brake booster) on the left and right castings.  Why does...

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