O.k., here we are. In the last days I sorted a lot of boxes, you might have read some posts @RetroBike.

In this post I will summary the tubes (slider? – I still don’t know the correct name in englisch, sorry)  I found and have in stock as new, original, never used ones 😉

I found:

  • 2x StarFork Marzocchi Part-No. 16.5003, 12.90; L 260, D.24, NS. 503505GE (right tube)
  • 2x XC400 (seems to be a pair as they are symmetric) – Decals Available!
  • XC600/XC700: 5x silver, 6x titanium (golden), 4x silver/blue (including 1 pair, silver)
  • 2x unknow (may be XC50 or XC51)
  • 11x XCR silver (including 1 pair)
  • and a bomber Modell I don’t know (blue)






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