Over the years I found some crumb from Marzocchi, which results in open questions. I will collect them here. If you have any input, please just drop me a line.

Green DH3 painted red?

Urghs. Why in heaven Marzocchi did that? Did they had not enought red anodized forks? I have 3 or 4 of this red painted green DH3. This are all crap, the colour does’t fit compared with the anodized ones and is form bad quality (stripes up easy).


XC600 (26mm) fork crown layout for XC500 (and others) 24mm forks?

In the past I met 2 times 24mm forks, which had obviously a replacement silver crown in a layout like – tada – the XC600/XC700/XCR/DH3. I got one by accident by buying a XC500 (still have it) and found another on pictures on a XC100 mounted in the internet. This is very irritating, if you want to make a close 100% rebuild, because the look is completly different.

So what does this mean? Did Marzocchi produced spare parts in the past? I remember fork crown recalls because of broken cracked crowns … need some time to find it. May be they react and build some better crowns?

Update 20170222: I found this crown build form by accident by searching and comparing images for an Marzocchi EGS. I have never seen one, but a user asked for spare parts for it. From what I now know is: It is build like the XC50 / XC51 (so most of the 24mm seals an other partds will fit), the tubes are marked ‘1993’, the net claims this to be a ‘1994 Marzocchi EGS (Giant special design)’ which has been used e.g. on Giants CMF-2 (1995), CMF-3 (1994) and Giant Cadex ALM1 (ca. 1995).
Colours: titanium (gilden) using a black crown & brake arch. 
Hope this informations are correct 😉


Different 26mm Oil-Seals?

I bought off a bike dealer and during comparing the 26mm seals with the ones I have in my boxes I found out that there are different versions exist.

  • Marzocchi part. No. 528219/R
  • Marzocchi part. No. 528191 (Marzocchi stated this as a ‘new’ seal including a spring)
  • Marzocchi oil seal (pair), Marzocchi part. No. 570F11; seemed to be for the DE/FR/CH market – 302-019-22-2602 / 22907053
  • this seals are also included in different seal kits, e.g. Repair kit XC600 No. 850531/C, Repair kit XCR/DH3 ’96 No. 850565/C, …


Black crowns?

If you look to the avalable pictures from cataloges, you will see not that much Marzocchi forks from the 90’s with mounted black crowns.

E.g. the XC500, XC600, XC700 and DH3 had always the same colour on crown than on legs. But I found from time to time a fork in my hands with a black crown. Regarding the 26mm forms I think a lot of them are comming from XCR. Or may be it is a production change or a style feature?

A lot of the older 24mm forks had also black crowns, but not always – e.g. XC50, XC51, ….


DH3 with different style?

DH3 - different types

DH3 – different types

Somewhere in the past I bought a green DH3 from AUS and found out, that it has a different decal style and a black brake arch. It was a new one, never used, the price still glued on it (right one).

May be it was a pre release? I’m afraid we’ll never find out … 😉





Can you please explain the Marzocchi fork names in chronological order?

One of the things many people don’t understand is Marzocchi’s numbering of the different forks.

The first fork was the Star Fork, and it sucked, followed by the XC100, XC200 and XC300 models for the 1992 model year.
The XC51 was a discount model that didn’t appear until the 1994 model year having replaced the XC50 which came in 1993 which itself replaced the XC100.
The XC200 was followed by the XC150 in 1993 and the XC300 by the XC400 in 1993.
In 1994 came the XC51 and the XC500 and a version in between them made for Giant bicycles was called the EGS.
In 1995 we got the XC600, the XCR and the 3″ travel DH3 model as well as the EGS and a new elastomer-only model called the Zokes.
1996 brought us the XC700 and the DH3 again.
What than follows was the Zoke and the first Bombers starting with Z1 – which is not my focus here.

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