Cleaning and Maintenance


  • After biking – especialy after biking in the rain –> use a soft oily towl to clean the stanchion tubes!
  • Don’t use air preasure over 3.5bar into the fork legs or your oil seal will blow up! (2bar might be enough)
  • Always keep the fork verticaly before you test air level or fill air in – otherwise the ventil will be oily!
  • Check fork regulary air preasure! (max. 2 bar)
  • Check regulary oil level (use this tool -> let the preasure out -> drop the air cap -> take the ring out -> lift the cap -> check level regarding manual). If you don’t seals will fail!




  • Never use high preasure cleaning machines (Kärcher etc.) to clean the forks
  • Never not use alkalis, nitro, harsh detergents, abrasive agents etc.
  • Never blast air preasure into seals!
  • Keep the upper air plug oily because of errosion if water it is inside – this will damage the air plug and the stanchion tube!
  • Don’t use the Marzocchi bellows, this pieces will ruin your fork!! If this would be constructed as it is in motorcycle way it would be very good (down and up of the stanchion tube are completly sealed to the outside), but they don’t. The cheap f###### things have not seals, will collect all the dust directly above and will destroy your fork by giving up the dust directly into your seals!!
  • ….



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