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About Me

I’m a Marzocchi Maniac since my first bike having a Marzocci 96’er XC600 mounted in the 90’s. I don’t know why in detail, but it was pure fun for me to work on my bike and this suspension fork. I was afraid of spares and as a student I had not that much money so I started to buy replacement forks and some service boxes to be able to repair it DIY. And as I like to discuss such thematics I was in forums and Usenet  discussions groups being out with seals, spares, manuals and help.

Step by step I went through all the different older Marzocchi’s on my bikes and my collection was growing. At some time seals where going low, Marzocchi went bankrupt and older Marzocchi’s forks became more and more some special Retro thing.

At some time I started thinking about reproductions and organizing spare for other fork owners. It became my best hobby alongside a lot of other hobbies. My Marzocchi collection was still growing, I created my fist website with the time comming I became what I call an ‘Expert-Idiot’ for older Marzocchi’s.

The things got more and more serious with the seals problem getting low in stock worldd wide and because building seals is a. not that simple and b. expensive.

As I have most of the background knowledge I started teaching myself how to create seals, I analysed all the Marzocchi ones and seals from other brands, searched for contacts and read the Intenet to the end.
I did test productions and finally I was able to reproduce seals. I did almost all for the 24mm and 26mm forks and in 2020 I started also reproducing 30mm and 32mm seals in both type classic (with the edge) and M-Arch.

Why I did this (30mm Seals)? Simply because of my latest Bike Rebuild in 2019/2020 : I’m driving a Sintesi/Verlichi Bromont from 1996 with a Z1 BAM 130mm from 1999 and simply Seals where out!! Woah! Can you imagine? 😝

It (seals) is always a time & costs intensive process, a seal will need about 6 month to produce and as you can’t fly to Asia to check quality because of costs it is always a little lottery. A seal production costs some TEUR and sometimes you will just loose.

So in 2019 I decided to do it more professional, I need more incomming to finance all this costs. Additionaly I started doing other parts which where out like spring clips and rings, the conic lip seals part no. 313 in XC600/XC700, a lot of different stickers and I started a tool series with my own brand ‘DR-MARZOCCHI’. My idea is to do Retro Parts for other brands and industries as well, but first Marzocchi Spares.

I have to highlight out, that all of this reproductions were not possible without the great, professional support of my partner companies and their motivated employees in Asia.

2020 and 2021 were good year’s for me and my family. Life means well to me. I’m thankfull for this! Not that usual looking around to this world parallel his crazy pandemic crisis.

Thanks to all supporters! I’m moving on with more projects : currently running is the Marzocchi Bombers Canti Hanger (starting November 2021) and I’m redoing the early Marzocchi Bombers coloured knobs (December 2021). Both are in production now, expecting in January.

I have built up a more professsional shop system including automatic order- and shipping label printing. I’m in cooperations with bigger Shops and have found some Professional Resellers like BSB Bicycle Suspension BERLIN (DE) / Rad & DĂ€mpferklinik GmbH in Berlin (DE), Marzocchi Mark (USA), Suspension Center Lemon Shox in NĂŒrnberg (DE), Retro-Himmel (DE), SRP – SpecialtyRetroProducts (USA) and some others I will add later.

I also started a constantly growing collection of Marzocchi Manuals, as FOX/Marzocchi dropped all support for Marzocchi forks <= 2018 (they want to maximize profit and sell only new forks). It’s a shame! đŸ˜«đŸ€

I like what I do.
Just do it.

My background is an almost technical, my father was an architect and lernt me a lot in crafts, tools, doing all myself and being independent.
When I was old enough to decide for my future way I had  to decide between repairing tanks and trucks in the army or going for studies. I went to studies in Mechanical Engineering, Production Techniques and Construction Engineering / construction methodology. You may ask : “How can You do this in one degree course??” Short answer: “You can’t.” I have studied for long and did a lot of courses from different studies, I just made it my own way.

Byside – and for me that more important 😏 – I worked as an machining operator for many manufacturing processes in scientific context including 3D printing with an SLA250 from 3D Systems – one of the first professinal 3D printing system.

As you can’t do constructions and advanced metal processing without CAD, so lucky me I was in early 3D CAD modelling and constructions in systems like HP ME10 / 30, Tebis, CATIA, MEDUSA, ACAD, KONSYS, etc. I did lessons for my studies coleagues to teach, wrote manuals an much more. That was a glorious time and great playground for me!

Word Wide Web was in the beginning in the 90’s and strong growing, so byside my studies I was working in multimedia doing web programing and working as a Multimedia Consultant and Project Manager.

All this jobs are based for sure on Infrastruktur Technoligies (IT) and that’s what I did as a professional and employee for years. I found a place in a company doing Software Development on Product Data Management (PDM) & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), working as a Teamleader in the Professional Support Department, get experiences in very modern K8s Cloud DevOps Developement and I’m still doing support now for Professionals in this company.

Thinks to do here :

  • add some nice photos
  • add links to important parts
  • check for errors
  • add some other cool references

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