Abmaße in Zoll & mm


Alu Adapter

Gabel Abmessungen, insbesondere Gabelhöhe Achse <-> Lenklager

Zoll  <-> mm


This dimensions of steering tubes are meausred at the top on the tube.

The bottom (the part in the cown) is a little bit bigger on all Marzocchi forks (see dimensions in third column).

Don’t use Aluminium Steerer for  press-in crowns!


Die Abmessungen der Marzocchi Steuerrohre


ZollGabelschaft mm (oben)Gabelschaft mm (unten)
1 "25,400 mmca. 27,2 mm
1 1/8 "28,575 mmca. 30,15 mm
1 1/4 "31,750 mmca. 33,00 mm

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